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GamelogoBy Australian Ninja

Remnants & Relics. Buttonhole *Special* Feature

Welcome dear reader to Remnants & Relics, the first in an ongoing series of features looking back at various aspects of yesterday's video games. This series is one that I'd hoped to kick off many months ago, but I just haven't had the time to do it justice, until now. So consider this your opportunity to put on your best pair or rose-tinted glasses, open up a luke-warm can of clichés and prepare to hop aboard the way-back-machine.... It came from beyond two dimensions! -A Look Back at Isometric Gaming-

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ToonlogoBy Australian Ninja

ACMI Day Tripper

Welcome Buttonhole readers to another feature that is so choc-full of goodness that I've divided it into several sections. The top half is about the Indy video games showcased at ACMI. The bottom half is about the Pixar exhibit. It's ridiculously long and all terribly interesting to read, so you may as well read it in two halves, or just the parts that interest you. After reading about the ACMI exhibits on their website and getting more than a little excited, I decided to make the perilous trek to inner Melbourne. With time on my side and money stuffed in my pocket I ventured forth to the train station. Once on board I passed the time by staring out the window, reading a volume of Dark Horse's Concrete and snacking on tasty fruit. Arriving at Flinders St, I wandered around until inevitably finding my way out of the rat-maze like station.

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ToonlogoBy Australian Ninja

Classic Comic-book Review. Kraven's Last Hunt

"Here lies Spider-Man - Slain by the Hunter" So reads the grave of one of histories greatest superheros. "But he's not dead, is he? What happened to everyone's favourite web-slinger? Spidey seems to be alive and well now, what with his three movie deal and a string of monthly Marvel comic-book titles to his name, so why was he buried six feet under? The year is 1987. The company is Marvel. The character is Sergei Kravinov also known as 'Kraven the Hunter.' Back in the 60's Stan and Steve (Lee and Ditko, respectively) churned out a heap of cool villains for the title "Amazing Spider-Man." Doctor Octopus, The Cham

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Sin Episode 1 LogoSiN Episode 1: Emergence in stores May. Press Release
EA to Distribute First New Episode to Gamers Worldwide

by Hillelman
Sydney - April 6, 2005 - Ritual Entertainment® and Valve® today announced that SiN Episode 1: Emergence will be available in retail outlets in May 2006. Distributed throughout Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand by Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS), Emergence is the first in a new series of episodic adventures from Ritual that are powered by the award-winning Source⢠game engine technology developed by Valve. SiN Episode 1: Emergence, available for the PC, will offer explosive first person shooter experiences that reintroduce and re-imagine the world of SiN for the new millennium. Emergence, the first in this series of episodic adventures, expands on the role of Colonel John R. Blade and features never before seen weapons, characters, and environments. For more info... Read On
Ice Age 2 The Meltdown hits Aussie shelves. Press Release
Game based on animated movie officially arrives down under.

by Hillelman
Featuring the Voice Talents of Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary and Jay Leno Ice Age 2 The Meltdown Hits Retailers Nationwide.... Read On
Celebrate with Xbox 360 and get wet. Press Release
Xbox 360 is staging a world record water balloon challenge!

by Hillelman
Sydney, 3 April 2006 - Xbox 360 is staging a world record water balloon challenge at Coogee Beach in Sydney, to celebrate the biggest console launch in Australian history.... Read On
SmartArtist Web Hosting
Top Spin 2 . Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and GBA. Press Release
Pick your console and hit the courts!

by Hillelman
2K Sports Goes for the Grand Slam as Top Spin 2 Hits the Court on Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance -- With 24 of the Top Players in the World Including Maria Sharapova, Andy Roddick and Venus Williams, Top Spin 2 Returns for Another Victory --... Read On
Hitman: Blood Money Confirmed For Xbox 360. Press Release
Agent 47 set for next gen slaughter!

by Hillelman
Killing just got a whole lot cooler... Tuesday 4th April 2006 - Atari, one of Australia's leading sources of interactive entertainment, and Eidos Interactive confirms today that Hitman: Blood Money will be published on Xbox 360, the next-generation video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, to add to the existing PC, Xbox and PS2 versions and will be released in autumn 2006. ... Read On
Wrestling Game Double Review:
Day of Reckoning 2 (Gamecube) & Smackdown vs. Raw 06 (PSP)

by Hillelman
Firstly, thanks to THQ, for all the sweet wrestling game action they've provided me with. I have been wrasslin' up a storm on my Gamecube and PSP (as well as PS2) for some time and loving every minute of it. Wrestling in game form is really the best way for me to do it, as I don't think anyone wants to see me in tights in real life. And if you do, that's cool, but you should probably keep it to yourself, or you may find yourself with far fewer friends (particularly if you're male). I intended to review these two games (and a heap of other things for that matter) much sooner, but was unable to get that done, due to circumstances beyond my control. Nevertheless, they are both still well worth talking about, especially if you are both a gamer and a wrestling fanatic, like me.... Read On
THQ Announce Next Generation of WWE titles. Press Release.
Smackdown vs. Raw 07 headed to Xbox 360 & PS3

by Hillelman
THE NEXT GENERATION OF WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT® VIDEO GAMES IS INTRODUCED WITH NEW MULTIPLATFORM SUPERSTAR WWE® SMACKDOWN® VS. RAW® 2007 In and Beyond the Ring, New World Wrestling Entertainment Licensed Video Game Delivers the Thrill of Being a WWE Superstar With Key New Features and Powerful Next Generation Technology... Read On
Soul Calibur III. PlayStation 2 Review
Aussie Ninja also feasts on human souls.

by Australian Ninja
Playing Soul Calibur 3 is like visiting an old friend. Look, when it comes down to it, there are two fighting game series' I truly love and will still be playing several years from now. One is King of Fighters and the other is Soul Calibur. The characters and gameplay appeal to me on many levels. Sorry, but Street Fighter comes third for me, followed lastly by Virtua Fighter, with Tekken and Guilty Gear somewhere in the middle. Sadly Dead or Alive remains my most unplayed fighter ever. Let's just say they are all good at what they do, but for current fighting games Tekken 5 and Soul Calibur 3 kick more ass than they have any right to.... Read On
Rugby Challenge 2006. PlayStation 2 Review
Hatchy joins the Union

by Hatchy
You're the Australian winger and there are 15 seconds remaining in the final of the Tri-Nations cup. Up ahead in the maul Australia gets the ball, Gregan fishes it out and flicks a lightening pass to the Outside Centre. You immediately start sprinting and screaming for the ball, in a second it's in your hands, you're inside the oppositions 22 and you must score to win the series.... Read On
SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate. PC Review
Jason gets his equipment ready for some expansion pack fun.

by Jason
SWAT... The very name brings many images to mind: teams of black clad shadowy individuals kicking in doors, abseiling from helicopters and assorted other hi-jinx that look like a great deal of fun if not slightly life threatening. SWAT 4 tries to bring the experience and feeling of being in command of your very own SWAT team to your humble PC; and in some ways they almost succeed in providing an extremely immersive experience. ... Read On
Greg Hasting's Paintball MAX'D. Xbox Review
Can Aussie Ninja answer my question; who is Greg Hastings?

by Australian Ninja
I've played paintball one time only in my life. I crawled on my belly slowly through some leaves on the ground and hid behind a tree. I then shot one of my friends in the back. He was totally unaware I was near him. The memory of those events makes me want to say, "Hells yeah, fool!" Boy, in real life those paintballs really sting.... Read On
Old Games That Sure Don't Suck. Platform Games: Part One.
Sammy gets his new column off to a running, jumping start.

by Hillelman
I've been asked a few (hundred) times to write articles about classic games. I thought about several ways of approaching the subject and wound up deciding to make a regular column out of it. So, from here on, you can consider Old Games That Sure Don't Suck to be a continual ongoing feature here at Buttonhole. I thoroughly enjoy both playing and talking about all the golden oldies, so I consider it to be a pleasure (even if it that pleasure is a pretty time consuming one). A half-arsed rush job just didn't appeal to me, as something that would be worth either writing or reading. As for when each installment will get posted, it is really just a matter of whenever I have enough time to get them done. Reviews of our supporter's products will always be Buttonhole's top priority.... Read On
Superman Returns: The Videogame. Press Release
EA is set to publish a game based on Singer's super flick !

by Hillelman
On February 28th the first ever trailer for the Superman Returns: The VideoGame will be released! In anticipation of that video release, we have been able to get our hands on the first images from that video for a sneak peak. ... Read On
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. PS2/Xbox/Gamecube Review
Prince versus Jason

by Jason
Ahh yes, the Prince is back. Not the short, stubbled, falsetto voiced, purple fancying bloke who can't decide what his name is, or that fresh bloke from bel-air with his...well, whatever it was that made Will Smith a celebrity (certainly wasn't his singing). No, I am referring to THE Prince, well the one from Persia anyway. He is back and still trying to fix the constantly evolving cock-up that is his life.... Read On
Fable: The Lost Chapters. Xbox Review
Ninjas never get lost

by Australian Ninja
Fable: Lost Chapters is an action based RPG with gorgeous graphics, tons of weapons, cool spells, lots of character customisation options and a character evolution system. Your character changes in real time according to your choices. Be they good or evil... blah blah blah, yeah this game isn't exactly new now is it? Well you probably already know that (1) Fable is awesome (2) if you are a sane person, you should be playing it or have already played it. I may as well give you the highlights of my first journey through Fable, which included plenty of Deuce Bigalow style man-whoring.... Read On
Activision Unveils Xbox 360 Launch Offer. Press Release
Special double pack to be available for new console

by Hillelman
Special Launch Offer Set To Give Consumers Phenomenal Value For Money. Sydney, Australia - February 8, 2006 - Activision Pty Ltd Australia announced today a special Xbox 360 launch double pack comprising the latest release in the best-selling Tony Hawk series, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and Activision's newest game franchise, GUN. This strictly limited release launching on March 15 will be supported by a targeted media campaign including TV and radio advertising and will be available only while stocks last.... Read On
Devil Kings PlayStation 2 Review
Aussie Ninja has mastered the art of mash

by Australian Ninja
I used to de a Devil King. But I quit that job so I could become a kung-fu hippie from gangster city. Then I quit that so I could have more time to review games and keep it real.... Read On
Ubisoft & Capcom Announce Distribution Agreement .
Press Release. PC versions of big console titles on the way!

by Hillelman
Resident Evil 4, Onimusha 3: Demon Siege and Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Special Edition Coming to PCs Beginning February 2006... Read On
The Chronicles of Narnia. PS2/Xbox/Gamecube Review
The Lion, The Witch, The Wardrobe & The Sammy

by Hillelman
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Here it is, the game based on the movie that was based on the books. You've probably heard of it, I believe the film got a little bit of press coverage here and there (my sarcasm dial is set on full). The story is set in the World War II era England. These young whippersnappers, Huey, Dewey and Louieâ¦no, that's not it. The kid's names are Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy and in an old wardrobe they find a gateway to another world, a magical place called Narnia. Obviously there's far more to it than that, but I expect everyone already knows the gist of it.... Read On
True Crime: New York City. Xbox Review
Mugwai makes a great crooked cop

by Mugwai
Hey we're in New York. I've gotta gun, let's go to a Broadway show. True Crime: New York City is the latest game to ape the genius that is the GTA series, capitalizing on the free roaming, do anything you want gameplay. But does does it have the kahunas to play with the big boys?... Read On
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ToonlogoGames Quote of the Month

"And Kratos cast himself from the highest mountain in all of Greece. After ten years of suffering, ten years of endless nightmares, it would finally come to an end, death, would be his escape from madness. But it had not always been this way, Kratos had once been a champion of the Gods..."

-The Narrator from God of War

Which of the following game genres do you like the most?
Role Playing
First Person Shooters
Adventure/Action (includes platformers)

ToonlogoBy Borgieman

Manifest '07 Report

Ninja's note: Once again, it's time for another Buttonhole report on the Melbourne Anime Festival, otherwise known as Manifest 2007. If you missed Ichibod's feature on a previous Manifest, check it out here. This Manifest coverage comes to you courtesy of forum regular and newest Buttonhole contributor Borgieman, a cool guy who knows his Anime and has been known to play a video game or two. So read on true believers! A Day at Manifest 2007

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ToonlogoBy Australian Ninja

Only Yesterday. Anime Review

The problem with having favourite films is that every time I watch another Studio Ghibli film it becomes my new favourite. It kind of renders the word 'favourite' meaningless when every Studio Ghibli film takes my breath away. Still, I can't complain about being thoroughly entertained by this whimsical and insightful film, "Only Yesterday". This gem was directed by Isao Takahata, well known for his anime film Grave of the Fireflies. Although Only Yesterday is a light hearted film that ambles along at a leisurely pace, it still manages to explore themes such as love, work, family relationship struggles, following your dreams and country versus city living. In the film, the main character Taeko decides to take a working vacation in the country, getting away from her office bound job and unexpectedly starts t

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ToonlogoBy Jason

Speed Grapher V1. Anime Review

Well, "I don't like it" was my initial feeling when viewing this Anime for the first time. Subsequent viewings haven't changed my views a great deal. Nothing really stands out as being absolute shit but it seems that this series tries too hard. It's almost like they were more interested in creating something 'edgy' and confronting but sadly forgot to include an even remotely palatable story. The hero of this particular piece is a bloke called Tatsumi Saiga. Tatsumi is a photographer and a veteran war journalist for whom taking photos has become somewhat of a fetish. Although he seems to have become jaded - nothing is worth wasting his film on - that is, at least until he stumbles across an exclusive club for the mega rich

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